Selam Yohans Fall’10

One of my friends told me about Selam Yohans and after seeing her work I decided to do an article about her. Ms. Yohans has a BA and a recently completed MA from Cordwainers and has worked for Pitti Capital and done extensive freelance work in the industry. The 2010 Fall Bespoke Collection is called “Beauty: A Rough Story Sweetly Told” and was handmade in London. Selam believes there is a degree of pain and complexity on the path to beauty and this philosophy is conveyed in the silhouettes of her heels. In order to create these silhouettes Selam used a new construction technique of lasting the heel in between the lining and the upper. Tiger Wire and Leather Strips were also used throughout in order to enhance the heels functional and aesthetic qualities. I am sure a lot of ladies would not mind taking the journey to beautification with Selam Yohans for years to come.


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    If the Brothers Grimm had a sister- Selam Yohan would be she. Her vision is dark and beautiful, excrutiatingly delicious to look at. By the pricking of my thumbs.. this collection is the T!!

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