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I have the pleasure today of introducing you to avant-garde footwear label Abcense. The duo behind the label Jhuosan and Yoyo believes in creating heels that combine traditional shoemaking techniques with modern heel components. Abcense is for that lady with a distinctive taste who yearns for unique fashion pieces.
Oriental philosophy plays a big role in the collection especially the concept of “blank-leaving”. This concept is from Oriental art and poetry and believes in letting the listener and viewer interpret its meaning for themselves. Abcense believes in letting the wearer have their own voice and deciding how to use their heels to reinforce their own sense of style.
Each heel is made out of the finest kidskin, calfskin and suede combined with elaborate geometric silhouettes. All of these intricate heels are hand-dyed and finished so each one will be like no other.
Thanks Mrs. Corbella for the pictures and ladies please add these heels to your holiday wish-list.

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