After getting a suggestion from two of my friends to create a blog showcasing shoe styles I decided to do so and I honor them by putting the initials of their first names in the title of this blog. R-A-W Shoes Blog will showcase on a daily basis unique, attention-getting men and women shoes from established and emerging brands from all over the world. Well that is all I have to say right now, so enjoy!!!!!!!!!

Winston R. Queensborough


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    I commend you for taking the first step in finally giving in to blogging. You definitely have an eye for shoes. Especially To Die For Stilletos! I hope you can veer away from time to time in featuring other types of shoes (boots, rubber shoes, etc.). You might have interesting thoughts on these shoe types.

    I would like to suggest if you can critique on these Pastry Shoes by Pastry kicks conceptualized by Angela & Vanessa Simmons. I personally feel that they have unique designs that cater to a different market. More Power & More Reviews.

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    All I can say is thank you. Your website is everything i’ve ever dreamed of. It is brilliant. Please keep it up, it’s my new guilty pleasure!

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    Hi I’ve been following this blog for a while now..I’m such a fan!!
    Please continue!!
    It’s really cool how you gather all these brands and styles from all over the world in a perfect overview!
    This blog is just what it should be = only the nicest shoes, no less no more.

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    The Daily Shoe™ (@dailyshoeSA)

    This site, without a doubt, is one of the best shoe sites on the internet (apart from ours, of course LOL). Thank you so much for the incredible content – fabulous shoes, excellent image quality, well-thought-out posts and generally a great experience with every visit. An avid follower and supporter. xoxoxo

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    Winston loofa your blog. Have you heard about Love From Cyprus? It’s a small inde-brand creating handcrafted leather greek sandals which are elegant and timeless. So looking forward to your summer sandal posts!

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