Balenciaga Resort 2016 Collection

Balenciaga Resort 2016
Black alligator slide
Balenciaga Resort 2016
Natural raffia sneaker with velcro strap
Balenciaga Resort 2016
White leather slide with pvc

It is good to see Mr. Wang creating fashion-forward accessories that Balenciaga traditionally has been known for. Alexander used a diverse array of materials such as raffia, pvc to luxury staple alligator. I enjoyed the fact that for Fall 2015 an eco-friendly sneaker was created using raffia which will definitely be a future sneakerhead collectible.

The two slides are very futuristic and edgy due to its elongated body and inclusion of multiple materials. One slide has a sharp stiletto and the other has a kitten heel, so if you are afraid of heights you will not be denied. In addition, each heel comes either in standard white or black.

There are rumors that the Balenciaga-Alexander Wang marriage might end and after looking at this collection I hope that it is not true.

Images from WWD.

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