Camilla Skovgaard Fall’10

Black Bootie with Tassel Knot Heel

Silver Ponyhair Stiletto Boot

Black Leather  Pumps

Bronze Stilettos with Multiple Straps

Tan Suede Stiletto

Grey Open-Toe Claw-Cut Booties

Silver Bridge Wedge Sandal

Silver Pull-Over Sandals with Ankle Strap

Black Stilettos with Ankle Strap

Silver Pull-Over Ankle Boot

Brown Ponyhair Open-Toe Booties

Grey Bridge Wedge Boot
I contacted Beth from Ms. Skovgaard’s press office and she emailed me these pictures which I am so glad to share with all of you. In the past Camilla used snakeskin, feathers and metallic leather but this season she has also decided to use ponyhair for two of her styles. The Bridge Wedge Heels that are on display are a bolder, edgier version of Ms. Skovgaard’s successful Saw Heels from the past couple of seasons. In addition, tassels are used again for Fall but instead of placing them on the vamp they have been moved to the heel in order to create a one-0f-a-kind style as shown in the first picture. What a truly breathtaking collection.


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