Carolin Holzhuber


All of these heels are from the creative mind of Ms. Carolin Holzhuber. Carolin is from Austria and obtained her MA from the London College of Fashion. Before coming to LCF she graduated from the Fashion Institute Vienna Hetzendorf with a BA in Fashion.

As a designer Holzhuber finds inspiration in items that are different from other designers. For example Carolin’s last collection was based on mirroring, reflection and conjoined twins. Another point of influence are medical areas that to everyone else might bring on a feeling of aversion but Carolin sees the hidden beauty in them.

Ms. Holzhuber loves to create sculptural footwear that grabs the attention of the public by confusing or disturbing its viewer. When I look at these heels there is no confusion from my end; I just see haute heel-less platforms.

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