Christian Louboutin Fall 2014 Collection

Black leather tall boot with corset laces
Beige and black zebra striped ponyhair heel-less shoe
Floral print satin pointed-toe pump
Stingray, suede and fishkin t-bar sandal
Purple and black suede tall boot

While spending my time watching the World Cup I decided to do an article on Mr. Louboutin’s Fall collection. Exemplary craftsmanship with a superior attention to detail are the hallmarks of any Louboutin heel. Materials such as stingray, suede, fishskin and satin are used to push the fashion envelope.

Christian continues to make the social rounds and received a honorary degree from F.I.T. In addition, he was one of the designers chosen to work on Louis Vuitton’s Iconoclast collection scheduled to be released in mid-October.

Louboutin’s Fall 2014 collection is an opulent one designed for the ladies who only believe in wearing the best.

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