Christian Louboutin Spring’11

Measuring-Tape Inspired Sandal

Red Striped and Blue Plaid Pattern Sandal

Royal Blue Satin Polka-Dot Slingback Platform

Multi-Colored Stiletto Bootie with EVA Padding

These are my favorite styles from Mr. Louboutin’s 2011 Spring Collection. Christian definitely does not disappoint his legion of fans out there by producing a collection high in exception and luxury. Apparel patterns such as plaid, stripes and polka-dots are used and combined with elegant silhouettes. Louboutin separates himself from everyone else by creating a bootie that uses EVA pads and a sandal with a measuring tape vamp.

Images from WWD.


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    That’s one measurement, I wouldn’t mind sharing LOL, I really like that pair and the polka dot sling back. Not overly fond of the multi-colored bootie but no matter what he designs, its always elegant even if it isn’t one of my favorite choices.

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