Foot Matters Why Women Should Wear Properly Fitting Shoes by Meggie Haneckow

Foot Matters: Why Women Should Wear Properly Fitting Shoes
“Give a woman the right shoes and she can conquer the whole world”. That’s a quote by Marilyn Monroe that unleashes the important of the perfect shoes in a woman’s life. Now, whether in case of woman style comes before comfort or afterwards, is a mystery.
Let’s admit that most of the women pick shoes as well as sandals based on how it looks on them and not on the basis of how they feel in them. A selected few give more importance to comfort. So, what’s a ‘right shoe’?
Well, Monroe left that unanswered. May be, it’s for the woman to decide what matter more to her. However, all said and done, the comfort of the footwear determines a lot of things. The following are the reasons why women must pick a shoe that fits well, above anything else.
Altered Shape of the Feet

Agreed that pencil high heels and wedges are very stylish; but, you can’t wear them every single day of your life. You need to give your ankles some rest. Wearing extremely high heels can cause a lot many problems.

One medical problem that arises out of wearing high heels or those that aren’t comfortable is that they can shorten the muscles of the calves. High heels are also notorious for causing knee and ankle pains. Footwear with heels that do not fit well can alter the shape of your feet. They can also disrupt the normal functioning of your foot. Walking with a limp is the last thing that you want.

Altered Posture

Women who weigh on the heavier side should wear shoes that are comfortable and won’t let their feet feel excessive weight. For plus sized women, walking in heels can be tiresome and more dangerous than it is for normal sized women. Though, at times everyone can wear heels for their heart’s contentment, it is advised that most of the times everyone should wear well fitted shoes that adds to the comfort. Since shoes that fit properly keep your posture proper, why opt for fussy footwear that can ruin your spinal cord?


Wearing proper shoes during pregnancy is as important as taking vitamin pills. Ill fitting shoes increase the risk of tripping and hence are hazardous for the health of the pregnant woman as well as that of the baby. Just avoid wearing heels and opt solely for comfort for some time. Once you have given birth, you can walk in your favorite pair again.

How to Pick the Right Pair of Shoes
Listed are a few tips that can help you pick shoes that fit perfectly well.
1. The first thing that you ought to understand is that if you are purchasing shoes from online shoe stores, you must read the size guide at least once. Some shoe retailers specify that their sizes are either bigger or smaller than the others. Hence, the same size from two different retailers from which you buy shoes online might fit differently.

2. The next thing to remember while buying shoes is that you must try before you buy. This goes specifically for shoes that you purchase offline.

3. Thirdly, if you are looking for exercise shoes, you must specify which kind of shoes do you want to buy. Whether you wish to buy shoes for walking, running or for the gym should be a deciding factor in your purchase decision.
Last but not the least; the design is a matter of concern too. No one likes to wear shoes that have not got any personality. Therefore, brands manufacture stylish shoes in a size that fits you perfectly. Pick from the right place and you won’t have to worry about the fit.

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