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    A historic design is not enough to lay the Nike Air Jordan 5 mens shoes position today, designer Chin seconds Air Jordan5 want to bring another historic design, which is even beyond the former. Translucent rubber outsole first appeared on countless of droves of followers on Air Jordan5, this translucent rubber outsole is still being widely used until today, when almost all basketball shoes use only ordinary rubber, never considered the sole will have an impact on the appearance of basketball shoes, Nike Air Jordan 5 basketball shoes until the emergence of the people finally to recognize the basketball shoe outsole is designed in part can not be ignored.Translucent rubber outsole make basketball shoes outsole suddenly full of color, when people still immersed in the ordinary outsole that simple color translucent rubber outsole let people’s imagination has been a greater extension of the original only cushion technology You can see through the soles so that we get more fun, and now even able to see the entire sole, maybe we can make more beautiful soles.Of course, the translucent rubber outsole also has its own Achilles heel, from translucent outsole Air Jordan5 adopted, almost all of translucent rubber outsole compared to ordinary rubber outsole seemed less wear, and this big bottom is more easily oxidized once the oxide will become yellow, affecting the appearance of the entire shoe, also lost when a new style.But its high grip performance is ordinary rubber outsole than not, and the translucent outsole more directly attracted the attention of consumers, the end of the hard labor the first time in the history of basketball shoes designed to occupy a place. Similarly, after which many famous Air Jordan shoes borrowed transparent outsole design 5, wherein the Air Jordan11 undoubtedly such outsole design concept into a peak of work, although with translucent outsole designed for, but the Air JordanXI outsole more streamlined, more subtle process, thus creating a classic generation.
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