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    There are too many classical models of Jordan shoes that always so popular, so the AJ8 in the middle is not so outstanding. If you ask which model of AJ8 is the most famous, then it must be the Classic Air Jordan 8 “Bugs Bunny”.
    Bugs Bunny is a classical cartoon character, then how does it relate to basketball shoes, and the Air Jordan? We have to go back to 1996, Jordan shot a movie combined cartoon and real image, The Dunk with American Warner Brothers, the cartoon character Bugs Bunny worn a model of Nike Air Jordan 8 basketball mens shoes white red gray in the show, then this color of AJ 8 is known as the AJ8 Bugs Bunny.
    We can approximately know about the features of AJ bugs bunny from its appearance, it is thick, high upper with crossing shoelaces. The combination of thickness and high uppers provide good package and protection to the feet; crossing strips is also the biggest feature of AJ8 bugs bunny, strengthened the stability, to ensure the wearer would not feel the shoes loose while doing sports. AJ bugs bunny has a major breakthrough in appearance, at the same time white grey and red color collocation makes AJ 8 bugs bunny luxurious and special. The Nike Air Jordan 8 hi using sneakers principal in the bottom, greatly reduced rubber material, to make the shoes much lighter, the lining pattern at the shoe tongue and the all known “fuzzy” furry tongue mark as the shiny point of design, and added flying man logo, to make the shoes so special. There are abstract patterns design at the side of heels and middle of the sole, adds art sense to the Nike Air Jordan 8 basketball bugs bunny.

    Air Jordan Nike Shoes 8 Viii Mens 2013 White Grey



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