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    How to identify SB vintage shoes? Now, let us say something about the difference between Nike SB dunk low, Nike Dunk SB Mid Cut and Nike sb dunk low pro. First of all, by telling from the category, SB is skateboard shoes, LE is basketball sneakers. They all adopts the original design, but has the differencein essence. Second. SB department of each shoe has a strict control on the quantity. So the commemorative value is generally higher than ordinary shoes. So what is the popular reason?
    Nike Dunk Sb men shoes
    1. Appearance outstanding, tongue thick and thick tongue exaggeration, epigenetic the fit is bold and unrestrained.

    2. Global skateboarding, X – GAME.

    3. Hip-hop, black culture, especially the street art accepted by the Oriental now.

    4. Stars demonstrate, both Europe and the United States and east Asian ARTISTS, all without exception DUNK to go with the choice of clothing in the streets.

    5. Retro shoes + ZOOM, the collocation of fresh makes refreshing.

    6. Limited edition, easily makes XXX just for some pairs around the world, it is totally make a shock.

    7. The most important, DUNK SB stick to cooperate with the world’s famous street ARTISTS to launch all kinds of abnormality design. Is multivariate, SB bringing us the biggest impact, the DUNK SB’s terrible is that each pair of shoes represents a new concept, a kind of brand-new visual effect, the consequence is… There are a lot of people love them when they first see it.

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