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    Each pair of Nike Air Jordan shoes stand for an age and record its history. From Nike Air Jordan 1 to Nike Air Jordan 23, this process is similar to the vicissitude life of Jordan. Then small make up will lead you to see the referendum of Nike Air Jordan (this article only introduce Nike Air Jordan 3 for you).
    The beginning of Nike—Nike Air Jordan 1
    Nike Air Jordan 1 was pushed out during 1984 and 1985, which was an innovative product as that time and was prohibited to wear for it violated the rule in unified suits.
    However, Jordan just neglected the rule and suffered 5,000 dollars fine. Nike Air Jordan 1 employs red, white and black without any technologies, so it is actually redundant in hard rubber outsole. Nevertheless, Jordan obtained great achievements in the alliance and some international games, so he was called “God’s embodiment–Michael Jordan”.
    The first time to use visual air cushion—Nike Air Jordan 3
    Nike Air Jordan 3 is really the first shoes to use air cushion. For this reason, air cushion is put into insole. It is also the first time to use the logo of flying man, and then is used by now. Meanwhile, according to the votes by 2005 audience selected by ESPN, Nike Air Jordan 3 was taken as the greatest shoes of year.
    The threshold of times—Nike Jordan retro 11
    Nike Jordan retro 11 was pushed out in 1995, and exerted great influence on the whole industry of basketball and that of basketball shoes. Its breakthroughs show as follows. It uses patent leather as its vamp, so it becomes the symbols of luxurious basketball shoes. Nike Jordan retro 11 firstly employs inside air cushion to make the shoes arrive highest norm at that time. Therefore, Nike Jordan retro 11 is the milestone and threshold to the old and new basketball shoes.
    Nike Jordan

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