Giuseppe Zanotti Spring 2013 Collection

CM Capture 15
Red suede with black & white ponyhair sandal with metallic gold stiletto
CM Capture 13
Black suede fringed open-toe bootie
CM Capture 16
Black suede flat sandal with metallic gold charms

Mr. Zanotti is able to take the latest trends and make them his own. Fringe is one popular trend that Giuseppe is able to take and do a little differently by using an open-toe silhouette and combining it with a buckle. Also, I like his take on the mix and match trend by putting a metallic gold stiletto with ponyhair and suede. Usually I do not really like flat sandals but this one appealed to me due to the metallic gold charms that closely resembles a bamboo necklace. I am sure that Jane would love that style.

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