Haus of Price

Today’s heels are from the mind of James Price. Mr. Price is based in Los Angeles and all the jewels and stones on each heel are meticulously applied by hand. James started the label in 2010 and also operates his own e-commerce site, Shop Trashy. Each style featured in this article can be purchased from Ashbury Skies and clicking on the picture will take you directly to the website.


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    awfully pleasant are these wedges by Haus of Price. they bring up polar opposite reactions in me upon sight…is that why i love them so much? i can already imagine the pleasant shock i would get from looking down at my ‘literally’ jeweled up feet throughout the day…bringing a smile to my face each time i look down at all the color Popping at me!

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    Aren’t these shoes just fabulous for the disco? I have been looking for new party footwear for a while as my plain black ones look like they have seen a couple of world wars come and go. The only problem is that I like to wear simple dresses and these might be too over the top for them. It is amazing how much time we spend agonising over shoes these days. I think that this goes to show how important we all view our look now and how our shoes are probably the most important part of it.

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