Heavy Machine Spring 2012 Collection

Spectral Visitor

Robot’s Feet


Sabot Slide

Funny Tank

Carmelized Chocolate Feet


For the past three Spring seasons Michelle Wu and Yoyo Pan have been creating beautiful retro-futuristic heels. In 2011 Vogue Italia selected Heavy Machine as one of the best emerging talents in the fashion industry and production was moved to Italy. Sheepskin, cow skin and nappa leather from Italy Padova was used to create these classic artisan heels with modern rebellious soul. Wu and Pan found inspiration in children fairytales and playgrounds. This inspiration is shown by the collection’s bright color combinations and bold architectural designs. All of these edgy artisanal heels can be found by going to the Heavy Machine website. Thanks again Ms. Huang for the press info.

過去的三個春天蜜雪兒吳和 Yoyo 泛的季節已在創建美麗復古未來主義的高跟鞋。2011 年時尚義大利選重機為時裝業與生產的最佳新興人才之一搬到義大利。羊皮、 牛皮膚和從義大利帕多瓦革用於創建這些經典的工匠高跟鞋與現代叛逆的靈魂。吳和泛在兒童中找到靈感童話和遊樂場。這種啟示顯示該集合的明亮的顏色組合和大膽的建築設計。所有的這些前衛的手工高跟鞋可以通過重機要去找到 網站 。謝謝你再次黃小姐的新聞資訊。


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