Heavy Machine Spring 2013 Collection

Super Sinbad-taupe
Super Sinbad
Paul - sky blue
Parachute Fish-red+black
Parachute Fish
Moving Crystal-silver
Moving Crystal
Iron Lady-dark grey
Iron Lady
Choco Warrior - black
Choco Warrior
Blade Runner- dark grey
Blade Runner

Last month I gave a preview of Heavy Machine’s 2013 Spring collection and here are some more styles for all of you. Cubism is one of the influences for Spring and Ms. Wu also used elements of the athletic market in her Blade Runner heel.

Each heel is designed to mesmerize the person looking at them and make the owner feel like they are walking on air. Not only do I like the design of each heel but the cotton-candy colors are fascinating as well. Also, the patent leather used for some of the heels gives them a futuristic look.

上個月我給了重機 2013年春季集合的預覽和一些更多的樣式為你們所有人都在這裡。立體主義是一個彈簧的影響和在她的銀翼鞋跟女士吳也使用過的體育市場的元素。

每個腳跟被為了讓人看著他們,使感覺他們在空中漫步的擁有者。不只喜歡設計的每個腳跟後但棉花糖顏色是迷人的。而且、 漆皮高跟鞋的一些用於給他們未來派外觀。

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