Helen Furber-Icica

Shoe Assembly
Icica Black

Sock Upper

I was scrolling thru SHOELUST and I came across Helen Furber’s Icica Wedge and was so amazed by her heel I decided to contact her to get more information about her and her shoe. Ms. Furber is from Bolton, United Kingdom and moved to London in 2006 to attend Cordwainers. To further enhance her knowledge, Helen also interned for Jenne O and did an apprenticeship with a bespoke factory in East London. Helen also took an extra year after her second year at Cordwainers to work as a footwear design intern for the Y-3 and SLVR Adidas brands for nine months and after her time at Adidas was over moved back to London to intern with Nicholas Kirkwood.

Icica brings modular footwear construction to the luxury footwear market by allowing the wearer to separate and replace the wedge, heel and upper just like the Adidas F50 Tunit(which I proudly own). The leather used for this heel are organically tanned from the Natureally tannery using traceable hides from British Soil Assoc. certified organic cattle. Also, the heel and wedge are made of transparent bioresin derived from sustainable plants. Ms. Furber’s inspiration for the Icica silhouette came from a variety of sources. Vintage Space suits on display at the Smithsonian National Space Museum served as the inspiration for the upper while the bioresin wedge and heel were influenced by Patrick Jouin’s “C1 Chair”. Helen’s unique footwear designs and modular footwear construction principles will push the boundaries of luxury footwear for many years to come.

Photos: David Abrahams
Styling: Natalie Fisher
Project Sponsors: Y-3 Adidas, Studio van der Graaf, Natureally Organic Leather

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