ICONODULY comes from the mind of Christopher Calvin Pollard. Mr. Pollard is a renaissance man whose artistic pursuits includes poetry, tintype and design. When it comes to creating his shoes Pollard sees the designs in his dreams and then diligently brings those designs to life.
Mr. Pollard takes months even years finding the right materials and artisans for his creations. As a result of this dedication Mr. Pollard only designs one shoe a year that results in only 51 pairs being made per annum. The shoe in this article, Thyrsus is made out of the best materials in the marketplace. Thyrsus’ foundation is made out of hand-sculpted Cocobolo wood and its heel and toe strap are wrapped in a 23 karat gold leaf. Also, Pinecone scales made of ostrich leg cups the heel and LELIEVRE PARIS GUIMET silk & cotton embroidered fabric are used for the shoe’s insole.
Each custom made shoe takes three months to make and costs $15,000. Also, in order to purchase one of these shoes the prospective client must fill out a Proust questionnaire and must agree to wear the shoe twice in a semi-public location.
ICONODULY is a serious player in the ultra-exclusive and ultra-luxury industry and I hope to be around to see Pollard’s next 25 per annum adornments. To become a client please go to www.iconoduly.com

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    I’ve always viewed footwear as sculpture for the foot. This IOONODULY shoe is a beautiful and individual statement from the “artist”. Just beautiful.

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