Jen Kao Fall 2011

Jen Kao
Multi-Colored Paint-Splattered Wedge Boot
Jen Kao
Purple Satin Wedge Boot

Ms. Kao, who was born in Los Angeles but raised in Kansas came to NYC in 1999 to enroll in the Fine Arts program at NYU. During her time at this university Jen came to the conclusion that she wanted to focus on art that people can not only see but touch as well. This realization prompted her to obtain a graduate degree in fashion design from Parsons. Her eponymous collection made its debut for the 2008 Spring season to critical acclaim and these boots would make any club kid proud.

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    popbee | Jen Kao Fall 2011 Shoes - Fashion

    […] 一見到這雙鞋,我很沒創意地在心裡「哇!」了一聲,之前在 POPBEE 上介紹過的 Jen Kao 2011 Spring collection,模特兒的鞋由精緻的腳飾所代替,不過到了秋冬,Jen Kao 不穿(鞋)則已,一穿就要一鳴驚人,這幾雙 wedge boots 乍看之下也許有些 scary,不過在天橋上的效果十分的好,像是把鞋一層一層往上疊的結構很有 power,Jen Kao 最讓我欣賞的一點是她的作品柔美中還有份強悍的叛逆態度,與那獨特的藝術筆觸,在這幾個作品中都非常顯而易見哪![via] […]

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