Liam Fahy Spring’11

Liam Fahy
Liam, who was born in Zimbabwe lived on a snake farm and was raised amongst African stone scultptors, musicians, weavers and painters. During his time in Zimbabwe Fahy also lived with the Batonka Tribe along the Zambezi river in order to broaden his cultural horizons. After living with the Batonka tribe for a year Mr. Fahy moved to England to study footwear design at De Montfort University where his talent began to flourish. While studying at De Montfort Liam won the Lineapelle footwear design award in Italy and the Drapers Footwear Designer of the Year award in London. In 2008, Fahy won the first ever Fashion Fringe shoe competition that was judged by Manolo Blahnik, Colin McDowell, Sebastian Manes and future employer Rupert Sanderson. Since completing his apprenticeship with Rupert, Mr. Fahy finally launched his debut collection that I have been waiting a couple of years for and I am very pleased with the results. Thank you Ms. Charlotte Jenkinson for the images.







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