Liudmila is the creation of Kuwati designer Najeeba Hayat and is one of the new highly-desired shoe labels in the marketplace. Hayat attended Wesleyan University in Connecticut and during her time there decided the career of a management consultant was not for her. Ms. Hayat fell in love with 19th Russian literature especially Fyodor Sologub’s classic The Petty Demon. It was while reading this book that Najeeba found the inspiration for her label, the character Liudmila Rutilova who just like Hayat wanted to escape the drudgery of everyday life to find something more.

During her time at Wesleyan Najeeba found herself obsessively sketching shoes that she dreamt of and after graduating decided to pursue her passion for shoe design by enrolling at a course offered by Ars Sutoria. Using the skills learnt during the course Hayat started Liudmila in 2013.

Liudmila represents a change from the well-worn narrative that sex sells and that women should suffer for fashion. Looking at the shoes you can see the Victorian influences in them such as heels that are comfortable to walk in and corset lacing. Each shoe is produced in Italy and are currently available.

Liudmila Liudmila

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