M. Gemi

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M.Gemi is a new luxury shoe line that made its debut last year. The name of the label comes from one of its founders Maria Gangemi who has been in the shoe business for over fifteen years. The label believes in creating luxury shoes made in Italy at an accessible price point. M. Gemi believes the answer is not to leave Italy like other shoe labels have but to continue to do so while embracing the country’s artisan history.

The company is able to produce handmade luxury shoes without charging astronomical prices by keeping strategic relationships with factories in Toscana, Campania and Marche. Another way M.Gemi is able to keep prices reasonable is by selling direct to the customer and eliminating the middleman.

Looking at the website shoe aficionados can find various styles that will whet their appetite and the label releases new styles every Monday which is another unique competitive advantage. Also, readers can enjoy a $40 discount off their first order by using promo code:romanowski183. To see more gorgeous heels please go to www.mgemi.com

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