Mary Ching

Founder and Creative Director Alison Mary Ching Yeung

Ms. Yeung, who has a BsC in Business Management from King’s College and a BA in Fashion Communication from Central Saint Martins started her company in 2006 after working as an investment manager at W Investments. In order to pursue her dream Alison left London for Shanghai to set up her base of operations after coming in contact with designers Hussein Chalayan, Ozwald Boateng and Julian McDonald. Mary Ching’s flagship boutique is in Ferguson Lane in Shanghai and Alison is at the forefront of a movement to create luxury heels that are proud to be “Made In China”

楊女士,誰擁有商業管理學士國王學院的學士學位,並在時尚傳媒中央聖馬丁於 2006年開始,她的公司工作後,作為投資經理在W投資。為了追求自己的夢想離開倫敦艾莉森為上海也成立了相應的行動來接觸後,與設計師侯賽因卡拉揚,Ozwald博阿滕和朱利安麥當勞。瑪麗 Ching的旗艦店在弗格森巷在上海和艾莉森是一個運動的前列,創造奢華的高跟鞋很榮幸能成為“在中國製造”

Yeung draws inspiration from Asian aesthetics, European high fashion and local materials and artisans. The heels from her collections mixes classic design elements with directional silhouettes, vibrant colors and lush materials to reflect Alison’s multicultural background. After looking at this collection it seems that China will not only be known for mass-produced footwear but exclusive & luxurious heels as well. Thanks again Christine Gow for the pictures.


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