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These lovely heels are from Ms. Naima Morys who graduated from Cordwainers in 2012 with a BA in Footwear Design. During her time at Cordwainers Naima interned with various companies such as Schuhmacherei Bischoff, Phildon Footwear and currently also works for JETTE GmbH.

According to Morys the collection in this article was inspired by shattered glass, architecture and body modification techniques such as golden lotus foot binding. Naima used the finest materials combined with CAD technology to create these sophisticated heels. Innovative 3D printing was used to create the heel and wedge shapes for each shoe.

Ms. Morys adeptly merges high fashion with technology to create an exemplary final graduate collection. I am sure we will see and hear more from Naima in the future.

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    Ms. Cool Sneakers

    I can definitely see the shattered glass influence and the architectural touch too. These heals are “spacey” – it’s cool that Ms. Morys took the risk of being so different with her designs, they’re memorable :).

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