SLEM Summer Courses


I know my readers come from different countries and also different backgrounds. Some of you who read my blog on a daily basis have dreams of starting your own shoe business. Now with help from SLEM and their Summer Courses you can realize this goal.

Classes start on July 14 and anyone who uses code SLEM-RAWSHOESBLOG will get a 10% discount. Any questions you may have about the program please send an email to

Course listing for the summer classes are below:

July 14-18: Translate future footwear trends into an innovative business
July 21-25: Create your very own leather finishes
July 28- August 8: Beat the industry>make eco shoes that are easy to produce
July 28- August 8: Have your feet talk to your phone: create interactive shoes
August 11-15: Build your own top selling footwear web shop from scratch
August 18-22: Beat the banks>finance your shoe brand with crowd funding

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