Ving Ming

Ving Ming

Today or Tonight(depends what part of world you are in) I am pleased to do an article on Mr. Ving Ming. Ming who is from Singapore was exposed to fashion via his shoemaker grandfather and fashion designer aunt. Ving is a self-taught shoe designer who prefers eclectic rather than standard designs. His inspirations are varied and range from sci-fi, fantasy literature, visual oddities and architecture. The label debuted with a preview collection during the Designers Weekend Event in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in 2012 and a full collection followed in 2013.

All of the heels are from the Aphotic collection and its inspiration comes from mythical sea creatures, aquatic warriors and Atlantic civilization. Each heel pattern are inspired by warrior paint and the natural markings of sea creatures. Glossy materials, hi-tech PU and stingray leather are used to emulate the waters of the sea while also giving each heel a futuristic voice.

I like Mr. Ming’s flair for the dramatic and his eccentric design sensibilities. Cannot wait to see more heels from the Ving Ming label.




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