Youngwon Kim


Youngwon Kim obtained a BA and MA from Cordwainers and also designed the shoes for Kay Kwok’s S/S 2014 Men’s London Fashion Week show. Kim’s influence for this collection comes from post-modernism and the desire to push the envelope for fashion footwear design. Youngwon accomplishes this goal in various ways.

First, the heels in Youngwon’s collection are able to be changed by its owner and this allows customization in a new and unique way. Kim likened this feature to changing the gear of a bike. Second, a multi-leather layering technique is used to give the shoes a futuristic look. Finally, Youngwon was not afraid to use and combine different materials such as plastic, leather, wood and metal.

Kim’s goal of creating functional and post-modern shoes was aptly met and I love the unique combination of different leathers. This is a great collection and I feel that Youngwon Kim will continue to do great things in the industry.

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